ASUS Google Nexus 7 3G Review

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ASUS Google Nexus 7 3G Review

Hitechlovers | Google Nexus known for its sophisticated, resilient, robust, full-featured, and affordable price, it’s no wonder that many people interested in this product, a product that has been much awaited as riveting and familiar interface used. ASUS Google Nexus 7 3G Review

Nexus series itself commonly known as the first product that gets updated Android OS. For the version of the smartphone, you can glance at the Nexus 4 who had just come to Asia. Unfortunately, despite its relatively low price tag innate, sophisticated products that would normally be experienced significant price increases.

ASUS Google Nexus 7 3G Review

There is one thing that is quite strange. Although the design of the Nexus 7, especially on the front, looks like most local tablet, no cheap impression that emanated from him. In fact, the bezel that surrounds the screen 7 inch relatively wide, especially on the bottom that look very plain. There’s no-frills brand Asus or Nexus there, while at the top of the screen there is only one camera that is located right in the middle.

Nexus 7 surrounded semcam silvery plastic frame. There is a connector for a docking on the left side of this frame, microUSB port and 3.5mm audio jack below it. As for the microphone, power button and volume on the back side of the bay to the left, a second microphone with a microSIM card slot on the back of the bay to the right, behind a line of speakers under the nexus and the ASUS logo are be colored matching.

Materials used in this side does not feel slippery, especially supported by the motif of “pores” in all. Once again, you will not find a rear camera on tablets, although the light sensor on the front was absent present. In addition, Asus immerse magnetometer new technologies work when used with magnetic flip cover such specialized Smart Cover for Apple iPad. The overall design of the Nexus 7 feels ergonomic use with one hand, either while reading a book or watching a video. Weight is also not going to make a quick wrist fatigue.

Nexus 7 is an Android 4.2-based device first we review. In the user interface, this latest version still provide refreshment than ever. As such notification on the rod, which is divided into two between the notification (scroll rods left) with fast shortcuts to various settings (scroll rods right).

Go to the main menu, we have not found any browser or default browser usually present except Google Chrome, which became our favorite browser on your Desktop. In addition to standard features, there are applications that functions like Live RSS Feeder but displays full web pages.

A variety of features and services that normally can not be used here could already be optimized, such as Google Play Magazine (the magazine even though the content is still outside only), Free Books, Free Movies, until Google Wallet though for the latter can not be used because there is no support of the Operator.

In Play Books, at least we found the Nexus 7 4 books from Google Inc. Guidebook., The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas, Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. While in Play Movies, there is a movie and a TV show that can be enjoyed for free (requires internet connection), the Ice Age and Planet Earth from the BBC Channel.

For Google Play Music, you can play song files with various effects settings either automatically via the equalizer option (or manually. Speaker quality on the Nexus 7 feels very powerful when playing music, though less “kick” when we play the video in Play Movies.

Another new feature we found was daydreaming mode. You can find it in the setting with a choice of reverie Jam, Live, Photo Frame, Photo or Color Table, which will decorate the screen when in tablet mode attractively sleep. We recommend that the Actual option keeps you up-to-date, even without surfing tablet.

Jelly Bean v4.2 also supports multiple users, Just like on a laptop, where you can set multiple user profiles with different personalization respectively. To switch from one user to another, can be done from the menu screen locking. Simply touch any user icon (a circle) at the bottom of the screen, the background will change according to personalize the user has done. ASUS Google Nexus 7 3G Review

It is interesting to find out how the benchmark one series Asus Pad. AnTuTu provide for the Nexus 7 12 926 points which put him in sixth position, while Quadrant more “generous” with third place thanks to a score of 3600. While testing the ability of tablets to explore the virtual world by Vellamo generate a score 403 (ranked seventh) on Metal and 1351 (ranked sixth) for HTML 5. Lastly, the benchmark produces 10 MultiTouch touch points simultaneously, but only 5 colored icons.

NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor to make some high graphic game run optimally on the Nexus 7. One of them what else if not Dead triger, which has a “graphic hidden” if you play it with your brain NVIDIA Tegra 3. As you can see in the picture, since the beginning of the game in training mode, there is a puddle of green water that you will pass. After that when going into a long alley, dripping water from above you will look to the glass so that the impression realistic.

The more interesting, Browse Google Voice. When we tried to ask a few simple questions, the device is able to respond quite well although sometimes still fail to translate the words correctly. Jelly Bean v4.2 also features a keyboard with Gesture Typing that in addition to predict the word you are typing, it is also able to predict the next word so that you can simply select one of several options available.

When we try to play 720p HD video MKV 649MB size, the default player is still “broken” in the play. Conversely, when playing Full HD video 153MB MP4, can run smoothly without a hitch. As a workaround, you can download a free video player application at Play Store. About the battery seems to be one of Google’s main concern. With 4325mAh capacity can be used about 9 hours straight to watch HD video, 10 hours of surfing the internet or reading electronic books, or up to 300 hours standby.

Using the Nexus 7 overall quite comfortable and did not make tired quickly, either because the innards are used as well as the quality of the screen. Call it for surfing the internet, playing games, reading digital books, and watching movies.

With a relatively affordable price, you will get a tablet with qualified specifications plus the latest OS Android Jelly Bean. Strength in the content from Google is very pronounced, also the graphics and quality speakers. Unfortunately indeed, this tablet can not accommodate you who love photography as simple as the absence of a rear camera, while the front camera is “only” 1.2MP size. Read also, Samsung GALAXY Young

(+) Android version
(+) Capable processors
(+) Right speaker output
(+) Support full Google
(+) Multiple user accounts
(+) It supports mobile
(+) Price is relatively affordable

The less:
(-) Without rear camera

ASUS Google Nexus 7 3G Review

ASUS Google Nexus 7 3G Review

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